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Decorate your room with this elegant Pinsonic Printed Quilt Set. With beautifully patterned stitching, these quilts can enhance a bedroom instantaneously. Whether you are going for a laid-back country vibe or shooting for a traditional bedroom we have you covered. Perfect for layering your dream bed and just as comfy when used alone. Our high-quality quilt set has a super soft finish due to the double brushed material. The rounded corners complete the look and rival the finish on much more expensive quilts. The design suits traditional styling and country chic when you use it alone, but it easily adapts to almost any other décor when you add your favorite accessories.

Easy Care:
Just wash and dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s shrink-free when handled properly so you’ll enjoy your quilt set for many years to come. What are you getting? You are getting a quality product, made by a brand with years of experience in manufacturing quality products.